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Winter driving tips

Here are some tips and recommendations to help keep you safe and on the move this winter.

Keep two sets of wheels: One with summer tires, the other with dedicated winter tires. Switch them slightly ahead of the coming season.

Beware the all-season tire: They’re okay in summer, but they don’t come close to winter tires on snow and ice. The difference in acceleration, cornering and stopping power can range from five to 20 per cent, depending on your car, technique conditions. That improvement may spell the difference between crashing and getting home.

It’s not just the tread: The most important feature of winter tires isn’t their more aggressive tread: What matters most is their special rubber compound. It keeps them soft at lower temperatures, which increases traction.

Use winter tires on all four wheels: Many drivers still believe they only need winter tires on the drive wheels. Wrong. Although the driven wheels are key to acceleration, braking and cornering call for traction at all four corners. Mixing winter and non-winter tires creates a dangerous traction imbalance that can throw you out of control.

At Eric’s Automotive, we have a complete line of Winter Tires available for all vehicle types and models. Even if you just need them put on, we are happy to take care of you. We also have tire storage available for your convenience.

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