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Vehicle Diagnostics in Red Hill, ON

Many modern vehicles are built with onboard computer systems. These computer systems can improve your car’s performance and help you identify problems before they become more significant issues.

During a vehicle diagnostic test, your mechanic will connect to your cars on-board computer.  The special equipment connected will relay codes to the technician, informing them of any problems with your car. It’s a simple yet effective way to preserve your car’s good health and address minor repairs before they run amok.

Vehicle Diagnostics

What to Expect from a Diagnostic Test?

When you bring your car in for a diagnostic test at Eric’s Automotive, our technicians use state of the art diagnostic equipment to assess every area of your vehicle, including:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust System
  • Brake System
  • Fuel Injection
  • Coolant
  • Air Flow
  • Sensors

By performing everything from a car engine diagnostic to checking your coolant, the diagnostic experts at Eric’s Automotive allow you to drive with the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and functioning correctly.

Benefits of a Diagnostic Test

Having an annual diagnostic test completed on your vehicle creates many benefits for you, your car, and your wallet! But don’t take our word for it. Here are some benefits to having a diagnostic exam conducted on your vehicle. 

  • Early Diagnosis of Minor Problems

A vehicle diagnostic allows you to locate and repair minor issues before they become more problematic. For instance, a leak in the brake line can cause significant problems with your steering or wheels if left in disrepair. A transmission issue can impact almost any other area of your vehicle. Detecting these problems early prevents you from having to make more extensive repairs down the line.

  • Learn More About Your Vehicle’s History

A diagnostic can reveal helpful information about your car’s repair history to make servicing it easier on your technician. Additionally, this is a great way to verify a vehicle’s history when considering buying a pre-owned car.

  • Save Time and Money

Making minor repairs on your vehicle now saves you even more time and money on more significant repairs down the line.

Book a diagnostic test today to save time and money while extending the life of your car.

How to Tell If My Vehicle Needs a Diagnostic Scan

Experts suggest having a diagnostic test conducted annually. This will allow you to identify minor issues before they become big ones. However, if you’ve never had a diagnostic test or have begun to notice irregularities in the operation of your car, it might be time to book one.

Additionally, a diagnostic test is a good idea if you are considering buying a used vehicle. It can provide an indication in the event something is off with the seller or the car if you ask to have one completed and the seller declines.

Where to Find a Diagnostic Test in Red Hill, ON

If your car has never had a diagnostic test, or you suspect that there might be something wrong with your vehicle but don’t know what, it might be time to book a diagnostic exam with the technicians at Eric’s Automotive, located in Red Hill ON. Contact us to book your state-of-the-art diagnostic exam today!

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