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Welcome To Eric's Automotive!

Welcome To Eric’s Automotive!

We are your local BMW Specialists!

We are your local BMW Specialists!

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Welcome toEric’s Automotive!

We have been providing quality service since 2003! We provide top notch maintenance and vehicle repair service to Hamilton area drivers. We have cutting edge diagnostic equipment and experienced licensed technicians to service your vehicle. We are your local BMW specialists but also work with all other vehicle makes and models.

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Highly recommend TOP professional mechanics forget about big brand name or franchise! At Eric place You will get the right price ! the right diagnosis includes photos and recommendations . I got my car back properly repaired washed and vacuum! Eric is just a mechanic with ❤️

gerard kouakou Sep 9, 2022

Great people here :) !

Taylor Warden-Ogilvie Aug 8, 2022

They made time for me on short notice. Very friendly and thoughtful Took the time to explain what repair was needed. My car was ready when they said it would be. Would recommend this garage.

brian fish Aug 8, 2022

Korey and his team are amazing, took my car in for the first time today and I’m blown away by the customer service, efficiency of their work and the cleanliness of their shop! Korey explained every single detail of the repairs thoroughly and the gentleman who shuttled me home and to pick me up to get my car were so great. I can’t recommend their shop enough. Will definitely be referring my family and friends here!

Esther Comber Aug 8, 2022

Eric's was very knowledgeable. Explained everything easy to understand. The did all the work I asked for in about one hour.

Gordon Hamilton Aug 8, 2022

The service that you receive at Eric's Automotive is truly amazing! I'm not one to usually leave reviews however, the customer service and quality of work that you receive here is really worth commenting on. I will continue to be a very satisfied customer and would recommend them with confidence.

Christine Lewis Aug 8, 2022

Really good group of people. Informative and polite. Went here for a safety. I would recommend

Ryan Fitzpatrick Aug 8, 2022

Great quality, great customer service. Service and quality you can trust. Julia

Julia Kovalenko Aug 8, 2022

The entire team treats your car like it’s their brand new car. They look after you and make sure you are happy with the work. Very prompt and informative as well

Erric Alikiotis Jun 6, 2022

Very professional very fast no lies

Dibbz Indi Feenz Aug 8, 2022

Best shop in Hamilton! Honest, personable, and always willing to help a friend in need. I would never go anywhere else.

Aaron Lomax Jul 7, 2022

I had a car that sat with little movement for about a year.It also was guilty of having some old slap-dash fix's on it prior. It ran! Just not well or for very long.We figured we'd try this shop for the first time and it went great! The drop off is very secure and they were very quick but thorough with inspection. I got a very detailed report back explaining the issues and Korey kindly walked me through it all. I really appreciate that they worked so well with me in regards to budget, I never felt upcharged or forced to get work done I didn't need.A very honest and caring shop, they dod great work on my car to!

Stephanie Lukosius Jul 7, 2022

Such wonderful service! I called monday night to request an appt for the following morning, and they were able to accommodate me. Korey is very polite and friendly and i especially like that they email you the report so you can read it and ask questions when they call you about the service report. Will continue going to Eric's Automotive

Jennifer Gibson Jul 7, 2022

Excellent work and service as usual!

Loretta Jaunzarins Apr 4, 2019

Five stars all the way. The entire team at Eric’s are fantastic. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend !

Rob Rush Jul 7, 2022

Wonderful team who do great repairs and never try to over-sell you! It is a pleasure to have them as my regular mechanic for both maintenance and OMG repairs!

Katherine Martin Jul 7, 2022

We typically deal with Corey, but the whole team is friendly, trustworthy, and thorough. Happy we found these guys.

Mike Mazurkiewicz Jul 7, 2022

A business that truly lived up to every good review here. I’ve been putting off maintenance as finding a new mechanic can be overwhelming as someone who knows little about cars, but I chose Eric’s because of the reviews and they did not disappoint. They did a thorough inspection, walked me through the findings and then accomplished quite a lot of work in just one day. Icing on the cake was the quick and friendly shuttle along with cleaning my car inside AND out! I will absolutely be back in the future.

Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries Jul 7, 2022

The service was amazing and very friendly. They have this cool system where they send you pictures of what is wrong with the vehicle and explain to you the problem. Not only did they help my car run smoothly but they also CLEANED MY CAR! No dealer has ever done that as a personal touch. They did not look down upon me when I asked silly questions or did not know what I was doing. Friendly, educational, well priced, service done amazingly.

Swag Princess Jul 7, 2022

This was our first time there. My daughter took her car in for A/C work. They did a great job, repaired what was needed and in a timely manner. Great customer service and very professional. Highly recommend the team at Eric's Automotive. We found our new repair shop.

Aurel Carina Jun 6, 2022

Always do a great job... can be trusted to do the repairs correctly and only repair what is necessary and makes the client feel wanted and respected. Car is clean and ready to go when you come... staff very friendly, knowledgeable... very efficient...would recommend them to anyone ... have recommended them to many of my single lady friends... a mechanic shop that takes care of you and can be trusted... is one in a million... and Eric's Automotive is the one to go to...

Marianne Vogel Jun 6, 2022

I had a motorcycle safety inspection done here and was very happy with the professionalism and approachability of the people I talked to. Right from the beginning they made me feel like I was a valued customer. I do a lot of my own work on my vehicles and if you're the same you know that feeling you get when you have to bring something in to a mechanic. Everyone hears stories about places that completely rip you off. This is not one of those places. I wouldn't hesitate to bring any future bikes or automobiles there based on my experience. I'd recommend this place to my friends. A true gem in the city.

Jere Jun 6, 2022

Hands Down - Best Garage in Hamilton! Full detailed report of your vehicle every visit. Ladies - if you want a garage that is actually honest about your car and the work it needs, you can trust these guys.

Maddy D Jun 6, 2022

Excellent service. Very professional.

Rosanna Brest Jun 6, 2022

All my maintainace problems get repaired properly and asap thanks

David Hackney May 5, 2022

We have been going for years and now on our fourth car there, very professional services from the entire team. They explained the issues thoroughly and provided an excellent auto service report via email, which is very detailed and pictures provided of the car parts. Korey provided me with an explanation over the phone and no pressure to get repairs done as long as I understood what is recommended. They also provide a local shuttle ride service which is so helpful.

Natalie E May 5, 2022

Eric is the owner of the establishment and is very knowledgeable about everything automotive. He is always going the extra mile to make you feel like you belong here, not just a customer. No matter what the question is, ask him and his team. They will be happy to help you.

mangemange Jan 1, 2018

Was in today for my first time, they had my BMW in and out in no time. Was told when I replaced my battery that it would need to be coded to the car. Took it to them for this service, and was told my car didn't actually need it coded and it was no charge. Many shops could have taken advantage of this situation, but they did not. I will definitely be coming back for the repairs I'm not able to do myself. Thanks again!

Jeremy Finton Apr 4, 2022

Awesome service as always! :)

catzeyes1993 Apr 4, 2017

definitely 10/10 service, I didn't have much luck in the past from other shops but these guys are really professional, I love how they took pictures of things I should be aware of and answered all of my questions.

RAGINGcanad1an #1 Apr 4, 2022

pretty goof, great service, informative, long lasting repairs, straight to the point

Pyro Hunter Apr 4, 2022

Good service and amazing staff

Marvin Perez Mar 3, 2022

This shop has to be one of the best ones in Hamilton. Amazing crew they get the job done properly the first time and the customer service is like no other. If anything else needs to be done on my truck I’ll definitely be calling them! Thanks guys!!!!

Cheyanne Pels Mar 3, 2022

I had a safety done for my motorcycle here. Scheduling was easy, service was professional, expectations were exceeded. Recommended.

David Cooper Mar 3, 2022

Can never go wrong with these guys, they'll get the job done right the first time and get you back on the road real quick. They give good advice as well in terms of any future work that might be needed on your car and never try to gouge you. I've heard tell that these guys may be a little more on the expensive side in terms of service but I will always pay a premium for this kind of top notch service for a garage if so. They've been my go to ever since moving to Hamilton.

Greg Forsyth (Le Saboteur) Feb 2, 2022

very professional services from the entire team. They explained the issues thoroughly, and provided an excellent auto service report. I didn't feel pressured to have specific repairs done, and Korey provided me with plenty of space to decide if I wanted to proceed or not. The shuttle ride service is greatly appreciated.

Filip Borovsky Jan 1, 2022

Already rated 5/5 last year but thought I would add some details. Always friendly and professional service at Eric's. I definitely appreciate the provided report done while my vehicle is there. Never pushy when a maintenance item may be needed but isn't urgent. No problems with costs as you get what you pay for and I have no hesitation paying for the service they provide. Will continue to use Eric's for whatever my vehicles need. Another update to my review. Eric's continues to provide excellent service and even better customer service. A recent brake problem was resolved with a couple of hiccups but at no point did I feel like there was bad service, just a finicky situation that Eric's did not compromise resolving. Would gladly pay more for the service they provide.

Mike Woodward Jun 6, 2020

Excellent Service. Korey has been a wonderful service advisor and have appreciated all his help.

Jen Walker Dec 12, 2021

First time and a great experience! Will go back many times in the future.

Will Ruppel Nov 11, 2021

If I could rate 6 stars I would! This has been the most professional and helpful experience I've had in an auto shop. Had a positive experience right off the bat - after booking my appointment, Eric quickly followed up with me directly to learn more information about my vehicle and the work that needed to be done so he and his amazing staff could be ready for my appointment, which they were able to accomodate the very next morning. After completing an incredibly comprehensive inspection, I recieved the link for my car's profile - complete with high quality images of the car parts, descriptions, and recommendations of the work that needed to be done and the urgency at which it should be completed. Eric and staff even stayed passed close to ensure I had my car back in time for the weekend. When I picked my car up it had been vacuumed, interior surfaces wiped, and exterior body washed. Absolutely superior service...I'm new to Hamilton and can confidently say I won't be going anywhere else! Thanks again Eric, Ron, and all staff at Eric's Automotive 😊

Madeleine Say Oct 10, 2021

Honest, they save you money where they can. They evaluate and send you the pictures and cost before doing the work. they wash your car after every service, inside and out no matter how little the service was and they are fast.

Michelle Lomas Oct 10, 2021

A1 service. Highly recommend

F “Silverspring47” L Sep 9, 2021
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