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Welcome toEric’s Automotive!

We have been providing quality service since 2003! We provide top notch maintenance and vehicle repair service to Hamilton area drivers. We have cutting edge diagnostic equipment and experienced licensed technicians to service your vehicle. We are your local BMW specialists but also work with all other vehicle makes and models.

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We have been going for years and now on our fourth car there, very professional services from the entire team. They explained the issues thoroughly and provided an excellent auto service report via email, which is very detailed and pictures provided of the car parts. Korey provided me with an explanation over the phone and no pressure to get repairs done as long as I understood what is recommended. They also provide a local shuttle ride service which is so helpful.

Natalie E May 5, 2022

Eric is the owner of the establishment and is very knowledgeable about everything automotive. He is always going the extra mile to make you feel like you belong here, not just a customer. No matter what the question is, ask him and his team. They will be happy to help you.

mangemange Apr 4, 2022

Was in today for my first time, they had my BMW in and out in no time. Was told when I replaced my battery that it would need to be coded to the car. Took it to them for this service, and was told my car didn't actually need it coded and it was no charge. Many shops could have taken advantage of this situation, but they did not. I will definitely be coming back for the repairs I'm not able to do myself. Thanks again!

Jeremy Finton Apr 4, 2022

Awesome service as always! :)

catzeyes1993 Apr 4, 2022

definitely 10/10 service, I didn't have much luck in the past from other shops but these guys are really professional, I love how they took pictures of things I should be aware of and answered all of my questions.

RAGINGcanad1an #1 Apr 4, 2022

pretty goof, great service, informative, long lasting repairs, straight to the point

Pyro Hunter Apr 4, 2022

Good service and amazing staff

Marvin Perez Mar 3, 2022

This shop has to be one of the best ones in Hamilton. Amazing crew they get the job done properly the first time and the customer service is like no other. If anything else needs to be done on my truck I’ll definitely be calling them! Thanks guys!!!!

Cheyanne Pels Mar 3, 2022

I had a safety done for my motorcycle here. Scheduling was easy, service was professional, expectations were exceeded. Recommended.

David Cooper Mar 3, 2022

Can never go wrong with these guys, they'll get the job done right the first time and get you back on the road real quick. They give good advice as well in terms of any future work that might be needed on your car and never try to gouge you. I've heard tell that these guys may be a little more on the expensive side in terms of service but I will always pay a premium for this kind of top notch service for a garage if so. They've been my go to ever since moving to Hamilton.

Greg Forsyth (Le Saboteur) Feb 2, 2022

very professional services from the entire team. They explained the issues thoroughly, and provided an excellent auto service report. I didn't feel pressured to have specific repairs done, and Korey provided me with plenty of space to decide if I wanted to proceed or not. The shuttle ride service is greatly appreciated.

Filip Borovsky Jan 1, 2022

Already rated 5/5 last year but thought I would add some details. Always friendly and professional service at Eric's. I definitely appreciate the provided report done while my vehicle is there. Never pushy when a maintenance item may be needed but isn't urgent. No problems with costs as you get what you pay for and I have no hesitation paying for the service they provide. Will continue to use Eric's for whatever my vehicles need. Another update to my review. Eric's continues to provide excellent service and even better customer service. A recent brake problem was resolved with a couple of hiccups but at no point did I feel like there was bad service, just a finicky situation that Eric's did not compromise resolving. Would gladly pay more for the service they provide.

Mike Woodward Dec 12, 2021

Excellent Service. Korey has been a wonderful service advisor and have appreciated all his help.

Jen Walker Dec 12, 2021

First time and a great experience! Will go back many times in the future.

Will Ruppel Nov 11, 2021

If I could rate 6 stars I would! This has been the most professional and helpful experience I've had in an auto shop. Had a positive experience right off the bat - after booking my appointment, Eric quickly followed up with me directly to learn more information about my vehicle and the work that needed to be done so he and his amazing staff could be ready for my appointment, which they were able to accomodate the very next morning. After completing an incredibly comprehensive inspection, I recieved the link for my car's profile - complete with high quality images of the car parts, descriptions, and recommendations of the work that needed to be done and the urgency at which it should be completed. Eric and staff even stayed passed close to ensure I had my car back in time for the weekend. When I picked my car up it had been vacuumed, interior surfaces wiped, and exterior body washed. Absolutely superior service...I'm new to Hamilton and can confidently say I won't be going anywhere else! Thanks again Eric, Ron, and all staff at Eric's Automotive 😊

Madeleine Say Oct 10, 2021

Honest, they save you money where they can. They evaluate and send you the pictures and cost before doing the work. they wash your car after every service, inside and out no matter how little the service was and they are fast.

Michelle Lomas Oct 10, 2021

A1 service. Highly recommend

F “Silverspring47” L Sep 9, 2021

First time visit for me but the team at Erics auto came across as top notch. Friendly, honest and efficient. I'm not unversed in auto mechanics and I already have another job booked.

John Gray Aug 8, 2021

Great and transparent service, did the job I needed thoroughly and upon short notice. They even cleaned my car!

Philip Dehm Jul 7, 2021

So far I love this. Is it very hot

Richard Zagorski Jul 7, 2021

Quality of service is excellent. Thank you Eric's Automotive!

karmasquared Jul 7, 2021

I was so nervous to take my car in because it's my first car and I didn't know what to expect, and they were SO NICE! They were super helpful and went above and beyond at every step. So happy I found them!

Kelsey L Jun 6, 2021

I've been using Eric's automotive exclusively for the last number of years and have always been satisfied with there work. They always take the time to explain the details of what needs or can be done. More often than not they've gone above beyond what I would expect from a service garage.

Todd Dowd Jun 6, 2021

Thanks to the team at Eric’s I’m extremely pleased with repairs to my Camry hybrid Great customer service!

colm boylan Jun 6, 2021

My review begins before I had a file as a customer with Eric's Automotive. I will say I am humbled by the service I received. Please allow to share my experience and consider the service I have received. After a first car buying experience had gone wrong I contacted Eric's automotive and inquired as to whether I would be able to visit the shop and take some photos of an uncertifiable Vehicle. I Spoke with Eric Walker. Eric explained and I quote, he would have no issue assisting a member of the community and welcomed me to visit the shop. I was able to arrive shortly after they closed. I was still nonetheless welcomed in and they allowed me take photos of the vehicle. Shortly after forwarding these photos to the seller, a miracle happened. I was reimbursed in the near full amount of the vehicle. I credit the reimbursement I received to the kindness of Eric Walker. Approximately a month later I had purchased a second vehicle. A tired car that required some TLC to put briefly. I phoned in again and communicated with Korey M. Korey was Kind, Courteous and professional and only adds to the business. I brought my vehicle in and Had an exhaust flex pipe installed, serpentine belt, front stabilizer link replaced, computers scanned, Snow tires and far better rims put on the vehicle. Only quality work was done with quality parts used on the vehicle, on time for when I needed my car. Their Technician Adam G does commendable work. Approximately a month later, the Master cylinder on my car decided to quit. This was totally unfortunate and in my opinion but older cars come with old car quirks. I was faced again with the decision where I must bring my vehicle for repair. Without doubt I knew to call Eric's Automotive. Again I made an appointment with Korey, who was happy to assist. I brought my car in the following day and within their business hours my car was fixed. I am overall beyond satisfied and a happy customer and from now on know where I will be bringing my vehicle for service in the GTHA. The Shop is well kept and demonstrates to me they have respect for their own equipment and the customers visiting. My car was also detailed as a courtesy each visit. I overall resoundingly recommend Eric's automotive and hope that than in perhaps reading my review, you will consider bringing in your own vehicle for something as simple as an oil change. I will end my review in saying thank you and I shall bring my car in again in the next few thousand kilometers for an oil change. All the best. Brennan W

High Brass May 5, 2021

Great service

Jon C May 5, 2021

True professionals, great customer service. Would highly recommend.

smeggoe May 5, 2021

Over one year of using Eric's and it has been some of the best auto work I have experienced. I always get my questioned answered to my satisfaction and the quality of the service is excellent. Nothing to criticize for now so they get 5 stars.

Jonathan Therien May 5, 2021

Excellent place to go to. I went in because of my engine and Eric’s did a great job repairing the vehicle. They also did a full inspection of the car and provided a detailed report. Friendly service, and knowledgeable mechanics!

Mark Choi Apr 4, 2021

Did a great job and excellent service very happy Peter

Peter Worley Apr 4, 2021

If you are looking for an auto shop to properly diagnose your vehicle, and get it repaired quick and hassle free the guys at Eric's will do just that. They have a shuttle service if needed also. They have a great diagnostic program that will email you a report detailing which items need repair/attention. They sanitized my SUV/key when finished working on it and also washed the exterior and wiped the interior down. Thanks again Korey & Eric!

Matt Restauri Apr 4, 2021

I love Eric's auto it's a abit pricey though but he is very thorough tells you everything that's wrong from a to z

billie Terry Mar 3, 2021

Good service and very friendly

Idiin Letholdus Mar 3, 2021

I stopped in here the other day after my exhaust dropped and started dragging on the ground mostly because it was the closest auto shop. Very pleased with the service and with how promptly the repairs were done. It can be hard to find a good mechanic, and before I found this place I was going to a shop up in Brampton I had used for years, but I'll definitely come back if I have problems in the future.

Timothy Nikiforovs Feb 2, 2021

This was my first experience with Eric's Automotive. They were highly recommended to me and after the service I received I understand why. Very friendly and informative and had my vehicle promptly looked after. Great Covid safety measures in place.

Gerry Groff Jan 1, 2021

They treat you the well and if never experienced better customer service.

Aries Pathfinder Dec 12, 2020
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