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Your vehicle’s braking system is the most critical safety feature, which is why you should always restore them on time. Your brake pads will typically last you around 50,000 miles, but the longevity can vary depending on driving conditions and vehicle handling. Here are our top tips on how to preserve your brakes.

Avoid Speeding

Believe it not, but speeding never ends well for anyone or anything. If you hit a complete stop after ramping up your rpm, you are prematurely wearing out your brake pads in the process. Vehicle brake pads operate by converting kinetic energy to heat – and this means they become worn out quicker the more energy they have to disperse. If you slow down gently, you can prevent wear and tear on your brake pads.

Avoid Lugging Around Heavy Items

If you use your car to store junk, all those items can weigh your car down. Transporting heavy loads will lead to severe strain on your brake pads. For the sake of your brakes, lighten the load by getting rid of unnecessary items in your car.

Only Use One Foot to Operate Pedals

As you probably picked up in Driver’s Ed, you should only have one foot operating both the brake and acceleration pedals. Using both feet on your pedals is a terrible way to drive because brake taps are more likely to happen.

Flush Your Brakes

It is highly advised that your brakes be bled and flushed every two years. Getting this service will ensure your brakes work more effectively and keep their internal parts lasting longer. Over time, moisture builds up in your braking system and can cause internal corrosion, diminishing the lasting power of elements like rubber seals.

Brake Service in Hamilton, Ontario

Let us know if these tips work for you. If you require a brake replacement, then our skilled technicians at Eric’s Automotive can get the job done for you. Give us a call or visit our shop today.

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