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Belts and hoses are just as important as any other car part, yet they are the most overlooked. They have a vital role to play in how well a car runs. Knowing the signs of wear and tear on belts and hoses is just as critical as your tires and brakes.

The first issue to address is your timing belt. It is the real backbone of your engine. In fact, it is responsible for the fact that your engine can run in the first place. Without it, the crankshaft won’t turn, and neither will the camshaft. Both items are important for the smooth operation of your engine. Plus, if your timing belt suddenly breaks during active driving, some of your engine parts could also break. Getting it checked by a professional is vital to the life of your engine.

Coolant and radiator hoses have the honor of guarding your engine against overheating. Yet their synthetic rubber compounds are sensitive to atmospheric changes and can wear out over time. Sludge and grime can build up along the inside of those hoses and cause them to run less efficiently.

Electrochemical degradation can attack the infrastructure of your coolant and heater hoses, causing tiny cracks which can cause the hoses to leak fluid. Damage to your engine will occur, but any extreme heat can result in sudden breakage without warning.

Signs of coolant hose failure are easy to spot. All that is needed is for your mechanic to check the fluid recovery tank for a suspected leak. If it continues to get low after repeated top-offs, then getting your coolant hose replaced is your next step.

Temperature fluctuations and ozone issues can also attack belts. Your accessory and serpentine belts, for example, are highly vulnerable to these changes. You should have them carefully inspected for any cracks, bulges, or abrasions to ensure that they can continue to run properly. Having this done as part of a routine maintenance plan is vital to the life of your engine.

Hoses and belts are what keeps everything running smoothly. Letting them go can cause problems down the road. If you need to have them repaired, we invite you to bring your car into our shop today!

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