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When driving at night, we greatly depend on our vehicle lights. Whenever they start to look dim or even flicker in the slightest, it could seriously impair our visibility and other cars’ ability to see us. Unfortunately, many problems could cause your car lights to change. The three most common areas where the problem can be traced back to are your battery, alternator, and ground wires.


The first electrical component you should consider checking is the battery. You should keep track of how old the battery is and when it was last replaced. An old or damaged battery could be the cause of your dimming lights. The best way to examine your battery is to have it tested. At Eric’s Automotive, we have just the right equipment to test your battery.


The next most common cause of dimming lights in your vehicle is a failing alternator. An affected alternator will only cause the lights to dim or flicker when the car is on. That is because the alternator charges the battery, and if it stops charging while driving, the battery will drain.

When testing the battery, we can check your alternator too. If it isn’t functioning correctly, then the test will tell you.

Ground Wires

If the battery or the alternator isn’t the root of the issue, the problem might lie in the ground wires. The ground wires, like the name suggests, serve to keep the car grounded. If you have an older vehicle, then the ground wires might start to come unhinged. If that is the case, then it could cause the lights to flicker. The flickering usually happens when you hit a bump. If you suspect that you have faulty ground wires, then all you have to do is inspect them. The fix is simply to tighten them. However, you could also have damaged ground wires. Over time, parts of the lining on the wire might wear off, and that could cause the lights to dim or flicker. To fix faulty cables, you will have to get them replaced.

If you have lighting problems with your vehicle, take your car to Eric’s Automotive. Our team are experts in auto repairs and have been providing quality service since 2003. We invite you to our shop today!

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