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Picking the color of your car can be a difficult decision to make when you’re at the dealership. It’s an important choice, and it’s pretty personal. Your color choice most of the time reflects your personality and how you see yourself (or want others to see you). Today, we will go over the color wheel and interpret what each color vehicle says about its owner.


If you drive a silver vehicle, you’re usually hard-working, practical, innovative, and tech-savvy. The silver paint hides dirt easily, hides imperfections and is a sensible choice.


Gray is the less flashy version of silver. You project honor, tradition, and maturity. Since you have a high level of maturity, you like to live in the moment. You also love sticking to a set routine.


Black is known to be a color of elegance, sophistication, and power.

You are beautiful without being flashy, and you want to give the impression of mystery and wisdom.


White is a color that represents cleanness, purity, and freshness. If you own a white car, people see you as sincere, poised, and trustworthy. You may be open but can be shy.


Red is often a color favored by individuals who are outgoing, energetic, fun, and impulsive. If you own a red car, SUV, or truck, you’re most likely extroverted and love a good party. You’re a confident person who loves to socialize.


If you own a blue car, you are caring, optimistic, and are very level-headed in most situations. You like to be seen for someone to have a strong sense of self and judgment.


If your vehicle is in this color family, you are very down-to-earth, conservative, and noble. You make wise decisions and look for cars that run well and last a long time.

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