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Though you may have tunnel vision on the holidays and the joy it brings, it also serves as a reminder that winter weather is ahead. Whether you are planning on taking a trip or running holiday errands in the snow, here is what Hamilton, ON, residents should do before the cold sets in.

Measure Tire Tread

The most significant hazard for vehicle owners in the winter is worn tires. Your tire tread provides the friction required to stop, slow, and control your vehicle. If the measurement shows that your tires are wearing thin, it’s best to replace your tires now rather than later.

Battery Test

The harsh freezing temperatures are known for draining car battery charge, which is why you should test your battery for proper charge. Additionally, it would be wise to have a set of jumping cables or a battery pack on hand in case of an emergency. If your battery terminal ends are corroded, or you are due for a new battery altogether, please bring your vehicle to our shop soon.

Car Heater Services

When the temperatures drop, you will want to crank up the heat. If your car heater is experiencing problems, please bring it to Eric’s Automotive before it gets even colder. A broken heater is something you should address before it gets unbearably cold.

Brake Checks

Last but not least, we want you to make sure your brakes are in good shape to stop safely and effectively in both dry and wet weather. If your brake pads are worn, it will be very unsafe for you to drive in wintery conditions. You can also take extra precautions to prepare your brakes by getting a brake fluid flush.

Please bring your vehicle to Eric’s Automotive for assistance on any or all of the auto services mentioned above. Rest assured that your car will be in the hands of the greatest mechanics in the Hamilton, ON area.

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