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Winter is characterized by freezing temperatures, ice, rain, and more snow. These severe weather conditions can be dangerous for travelers. But, is your car well serviced to survive the ravages of winter?

Before you hit the snowy road, make sure your car can handle the harsh winter road conditions by following these tips:

Get Your Car Ready For Winter Conditions

Before driving on those snowy roads, have your car serviced to avoid unforeseen accidents due to slippage. Check your battery to ensure your car doesn’t breakdown in winter. Let your auto care provider advise you on the best battery for excellent winter performance.

Ensure belts, hoses, cables, wires, and spark plugs are in the right condition to avoid inconveniences during winter.

Consider Snow Tires

Whichever car model you are driving, tires should be the first area to inspect before hitting the road, especially in winter. If you usually go on roads that get covered with snow during winter, consider swapping your all-season tires with snow tires.

Unlike regular tires, snow tires have tread patterns designed to grip ice and snow, and they offer more traction.

Check Tire Pressure

If you are not changing your car tires, at least make sure they are appropriately inflated during winter. Cold weather causes your tire’s air pressure to drop. A 10 degree drop in temperature can cause the air pressure in tires to drop by one pound.

Properly inflated tires ensure good contact between the road and tires vital for safe grip on snowy roads during winter.

Make Sure Your Car Heater/Defroster System is Working

It is essential to make sure your auto heating and air conditioning system is in good working condition during winter. Not only does your heating system keep you warm while driving, but it also clears your windshield and windows of ice and fog. Make sure your rear-window defroster is working correctly before the winter season.

Our auto repair shop will inspect your heating and defroster system to prevent unwanted scenarios while driving during winter.

Check Your Car Exterior Lights

Ensure all your vehicle’s lights are in good working condition and that the lenses are clean for maximum visibility. Check your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, driving lights, reverse lights, and others for the legality and optimal safety. Remember, during winter, days are shorter!

If you need assistance winterizing your vehicle, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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