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Do you usually take your car to the mechanic for tune-ups or maintenance? If yes, then at one point, the mechanic might have told you that your radiator needs flushing.

While some drivers understand what flushing is all about, some know nothing about it. No matter the case, the question remains, is radiator flushing necessary? Is it something you need to consider as part of your motor vehicle maintenance?

The role of radiator fluid

Also known as antifreeze or coolant, the radiator fluid is the juice that keeps the radiator cool. As you drive, the engine gets hot. Without the radiator fluid, your engine might overheat and get damaged.

What radiator flushing does

As the radiator coolant runs in your car engine, it collects some debris and contaminants. These substances are unwelcome because they can cause rust, corrosion, or scaling. This is where radiator flushing comes in. It’s all about getting rid of the old coolant plus all the dirt and replacing it with a new clean coolant.

Apart from removing the old dirty coolant, radiator flushing also removes any rust, corrosion, or scaling in the radiator. Additionally, if the right additive is used in this process, it can prevent future debris build-up, corrosion, foaming, or leaks.

How to know your radiator needs flushing

If you have some experience with radiators, you can easily tell when it needs flushing. An issue like overheating is a sign that the coolant is contaminated or there’s a leak. Sometimes the coolant level may be full, but the engine still overheats. If that’s the case, then you need to organize for radiator flushing.

Other things you should be on the lookout for include knocking or grinding engine noise, leaking underneath your car, or you feel some smell coming from the hood. You may also see some debris in the coolant.

How Often Your Radiator Needs Flushing

There’s no fixed duration in which you should flush your radiator. Some experts say once per year, some say every three years, while others say after five years. This is something you need to discuss with an expert and also learn the signs discussed above.

If you need a radiator flush, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!

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